LED Floodlight 80W to 200W


All Wattages are for 5000K

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LED Floodlight 5000K

Factory LED Direct’s LED Floodlight features the brightest power leds, best die-casting aluminum alloy, Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, replacing 200-600w MH or HPS. LED yoke mount flood lights project a bright, clean light and reach full brightness instantly. They use LED lamps, which last longer and use significantly less energy than universal mount floodlights with other lamp types, such as high-pressure sodium or compact fluorescent. They also produce very little heat and can withstand temperature changes and humidity. These outdoor lighting fixtures are commonly used to replace traditional floodlights in a variety of commercial applications. Yoke mounts are used to place lighting fixtures on outdoor walls or other flat surfaces so they can project illumination around an area. This mounting is ideal for businesses looking to improve exterior illumination and security. Our yoke mount LED flood light is trusted by businesses, parking lots, and municipalities all over the U.S. This LED flood light is an extremely cost-effective solution, great for illuminating yards, driveways, signage and security applications.

Watts 80W – 200W
Lumens per Watt 130
Color Temperature 5000K
Voltage 90-277V / 200-480V
Lense Tempered Glass
Mounting Yoke Bracket
Finish Brown / White / Black
IP Rating 65
Housing Die-Casting Aluminum Alloy
Metal Halide Equal 200-600W MH
Life Hours 50,000


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80 Watts, 100 Watts, 150 Watts, 200 Watts


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