LED Neon-Warm White-12V Input


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LED Flexible Neon Light Introduction
LED Flexible Neon Light is a kind of light composed of solid-state Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) in series and jacketed
by an inner plastic extrusion core. An UV stable outer plastic jacket further protects the inner core. The plastic jacket
could be transparent, opalescent, semi-transparent or transparent color. LED could be Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow,
Green, Amber, White, pink and purple etc. Based on our patented technology, we produce the LED Flexible Neon Light with
a continuously color linear effect as well as Glass Neon or even much better effect when using RGB MULTI-COLOR
LED Flexible Neon Light .
Though Glass Neon has long been the mainstream of the outdoors linear lighting, it is also known for its technical
weaknesses, including complicated installation, fragile glass nature, potential shock hazard, high maintenance cost and high
power consumption. With over many years advanced LED technological research and rich experience in most production,
we have developed LED Flexible Neon Light to replace glass neon. Compared with glass neon, it is easier to cut and it is
flexible can be bent into whatever angles by hand. Installation can be within minutes and most important, it gives
no hot spot on appearance.

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Single Color Options

Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White, Blue, Red, Yellow

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