Light Pole Bundle with Two 100 Watt Area Lights

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Light Pole Bundle with Two 100 Watt Area Lights

Light Pole Bundle with Two 100 Watt Area Lights

At Factory LED Direct, we proudly present our state-of-the-art Light Pole Bundle, featuring Two 100 Watt Area Lights, meticulously designed for those who value both function and form in their lighting solutions. This bundle has been crafted with your needs in mind, ensuring not only superior illumination but also a seamless integration into your existing outdoor environments.

Product Highlights:

  • Two 100 Watt Area Lights: Our high-quality LED area lights deliver exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. Rated for their durability and long life span, these 100-watt fixtures are capable of lighting up extensive outdoor spaces, making them perfect for parking lots, walkways, and recreational areas. The crisp, clear light they emit enhances visibility and safety, all while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Advanced Slipfitters: Each area light comes equipped with a slipfitter mount, designed for precision and ease of installation. This mounting mechanism allows for an adjustable angle, offering you complete control over the direction of light, ensuring optimal illumination where it’s needed most.
  • 180-Degree Double Bullhorn Bracket: At the heart of this bundle is our robust 180-degree double bullhorn bracket, ready to mount on a pole with a tenon top. This feature allows for the mounting of two lights simultaneously, providing a comprehensive lighting solution that covers a wide area. The double bullhorn is designed for balance, durability, and easy installation, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing setup.
  • Ease of Installation: Engineered for convenience, this light pole bundle comes ready to mount, streamlining the installation process. Whether you're updating an existing space or embarking on a new project, our bundle is designed to fit seamlessly with your project requirements, supported by our detailed installation guide and dedicated customer service.

Why Choose Factory LED Direct?

Choosing this Light Pole Bundle means investing in a lighting solution that blends quality with innovation. At Factory LED Direct, our dedication to sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is evident in every product we offer. We are committed to providing lighting solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that every project is illuminated with the highest standards in mind.

Experience the Factory LED Direct difference—where quality, efficiency, and personalized service illuminate every product we offer. Let us light up your project with our Light Pole Bundle with Two 100 Watt Area Lights, and witness firsthand how our dedication to excellence can transform your space.