Low Profile Triple Bullhorn

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Low Profile Triple Bullhorn

Low Profile Triple Bullhorn: In-Line 180°

Engage with the world of efficient and quality-assured lighting with Factory LED Direct's Triple Bullhorn, the epitome of our commitment to innovative solutions. This product not only highlights our passion for high standards but also reflects the blend of functionality and visual enhancement we bring to your lighting requirements.

Expertly designed to slip over a 2 3/8" Tenon, the Triple Bullhorn features an in-line 180° orientation. This aspect means it's carefully engineered to deliver maximized light distribution, providing you with optimum illumination in your needed spaces.

The low-profile structure of our Triple Bullhorn leads to a hassle-free integration into existing systems. Simultaneously, it redefines the aesthetics of your establishments, delivering an impactful visual appearance that complements practicality.

At Factory LED Direct, we prioritize your needs. Our product line-up is designed around advanced technology that guarantees efficiency without any compromise on product longevity. We pride ourselves on bringing the most suitable lighting solutions that cater to your unique needs— all the while ensuring quality right from our production line to your doorstep.

Step into a world of enhanced lighting experience with our Low Profile Triple Bullhorn. Allow Factory LED Direct to lead the way of innovation, quality, and convenience in lighting solutions, crafted exclusively for you.

Low Profile Triple Bullhorn