Lunar 1-Light Indoor Brushed Nickel Wall Sconce or Wall Mount with Semi-Sphere Alabaster Glass

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Alab. Glass Wall Mount

Inspired by celestial beauty, this indoor wall sconce or wall mount is perfect for those looking to optimize illumination to the fullest. This piece contains an impressively wide elegant white alabaster semisphere resembling the moon's all-encompassing radiance. Alabaster glass features beautifully unique patterned swirls. Thick and durable, alabaster diffuses light evenly in all directions and minimizes harsh shadows for a pleasantly uniform glow. Filtered light subtly accentuates swirls, resulting in charming wispy highlights. These gorgeous swirls make this alabaster half-sphere one-of-a-kind. Glass is surrounded by a magnificently ringed, orbit-like frame. Delight in transitional design that complements surroundings and décor with the best of both modern and traditional elements. Rest assured your fixture is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and provides adequate walkway and hallway accessibility. Distance from the wall to the front of the fixture meets ADA clearance regulations. Beautifully finished with flawless nickel brushed to perfect symmetry by skilled craftsmen. Feel at ease with nickel's lasting quality and stunning appearance. High-quality nickel provides phenomenal durability and an attractive gleam. Hard surface provides top quality protection against scratches. Easy maintenance—simply clean and polish to achieve an even more lustrous shine. Outer lacquer finish provides an attractive sheen and additional layer of protection. Complements stainless-steel appliances, vanity, living rooms, hallways, restaurants, and many other indoor areas. Choose heavenly brilliance with this captivating piece.

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