Magnetic Strip Kits: 1 and 2 Strip Kits 2′ Troffer Retrofit Kits FLD-ETH Series


Magnetic Troffer Retrofit  –  LED kits from 1  to  2 strips per Kit   2′ Kits

The magnetic kit is an excellent replacement for Fluorescent Tubes without replacing the entire fixture.  Applications include offices, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms.  Anywhere tubes and ballasts need to be replaced.   Existing tubes and ballasts are removed.  A stand alone LED driver is installed in old ballast compartment, tubes removed and the magnetic kit is placed with high strength magnets.  Connect supply wires and installation is complete.  Can be done with limited tools or no tools for ease of installation.

Input voltages 120-277v   4000k & 5000k    Dimmable available 0-10v

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Factory LED Direct Magnetic Retrofit Kits are economic LED replacements for 2’x2′ & 2’x4′ existing recessed troffers in drop-in ceilings. The kits are magnetic backed for easy installation. The kit replaces traditional tubes inn a variety of commercial applications, including offices, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms in schools, libraries, airports, showrooms, and hospitality environments.

• Industrial strength magnets with quick connect for easy installation

• Frosted, clear, or no cover options

• 5 Years / 50,000 Hour Warranty

• Replacements for T12 T8 and T5 strip fixtures

• IP20 Rating

• Beam Angle: 120°-160°

  • 130 Lumen/Watt
  • 120-277v input
  • 4000k & 5000k

Additional information

Kelvin Temp

4000k, 5000k

Number of Strips

1 Strip, 2 Strip, 3 Strip, 4 Strip

Specification Data Sheet

Magnetic Troffer Strip Kits Dimmable

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