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Efficient and Robust Power Solutions with the MEAN WELL XLG-75 Series

Factory LED Direct proudly introduces the MEAN WELL XLG-75 Series — a compact and resilient power supply engineered to enhance the performance and reliability of your lighting systems.

Versatile Electrical Compatibility:
The XLG-75 Series operates within an expansive AC input range of 100~305Vac, ensuring adaptability to a multitude of electrical infrastructures. This feature ensures consistent operation, regardless of variable input voltages, making it an ideal choice for diverse lighting setups.

Optimized Output for Precision Lighting:
With an output voltage of 24Vdc in Constant Voltage (CV) mode, alongside a max current of 3.1 Amps, the XLG-75 Series provides the precision necessary for intricate lighting designs, offering stability and precision in lighting intensity and color.

Adaptive Constant Current Mode:
The unit's Constant Current (CC) mode offers a consistent output current of 3.1 Amps across a range of 16.8~24Vdc, enabling seamless integration with your LED lighting, ensuring uniform brightness and longevity of your light sources.

Unwavering Performance:
Capped at a maximum power output of 74 Watts, this series is built to sustain optimal performance while powering your LED solutions effectively, without the risk of overloading your system.

Exceptional Durability and Safety:
From its IP67-rated durable metal enclosure that withstands harsh environments, to its ability to resist 5G vibrations, the XLG-75 Series is crafted with longevity in mind. Its Type HL classification permits usage in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations, providing peace of mind in specialized industrial settings.

Eco-Conscious Energy Consumption:
Its built-in Power Factor Correction (PFC) minimizes energy loss, conserves electricity, and reduces the carbon footprint of your operations. Additionally, with a no load power consumption of less than 0.5W, it epitomizes efficiency.

User-Controlled Adaptability:
The internal potentiometer allows for fine-tuning of the output current — giving you greater control over the intensity of your lighting and empowering you to create your desired ambience.

Reassuring Protective Features:
MEAN WELL’s XLG-75 Series is designed to safeguard against electrical anomalies with comprehensive protections against short circuits, overvoltage, overtemperature, and overpower, enhancing the product’s longevity and reliability.

Surge Protection:
Robust surge protection measures of 4kV (line-line) and 6kV (line-earth) ensure your lighting setup remains secure even in the face of unpredicted power surges.

Our Commitment:
Backed by a 5-year MEAN WELL warranty, this power supply symbolizes Factory LED Direct’s dedication to delivering sustainable lighting solutions that are not just powerful but also reliable and safety compliant.

When powering your lighting systems, choose MEAN WELL XLG-75 Series for a blend of performance, efficiency, and resilience, ensuring your lighting needs are met with the highest degree of reliability.

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