Post-top Style Bollard (CCT & Watt Adjustable)

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14/19/24 Wattage Adjustable – 1727/2300/2758 Lumens – 3000/4000/5000K CCT Adjustable – UL Listed, IP65 rated, DLC Listed – 5 Year Warranty

Post-top Style Bollard (CCT & Watt Adjustable)

Welcome the future of advanced and sustainable lighting with Factory LED Direct's Post-top Style Bollard (CCT & Watt Adjustable). A powerful blend of style, functionality, and customization, this product is designed to cater to every client's unique lighting needs.

Our Post-top Style Bollard stands out with its wattage adjustability feature. Tailoring your lighting experience has never been easier – choose from 14, 19, and 24 watts depending on the illumination level you require. This adjustability in wattage is harmoniously matched with lumens output, offering 1727 lumens at 14W, 2300 lumens at 19W, and going up to a robust 2758 lumens at 24W, thus achieving the perfect balance between your lighting needs and energy consumption.

Beyond the wattage adaptability, our bollard also offers Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) adjustability. Choose from color temperatures starting at a warm 3000K, moving through a neutral 4000K, and reaching up to a daylight-like 5000K. This feature allows you to craft a lighting environment suiting to any mood or setting.

Safety and reliability are as crucial to us as they are to you. Our Post-top Style Bollard is UL-Listed and carries an IP65 rating, certifying its safety and distinct ability to endure dust and water exposure from any direction. This product is also DLC-Listed, assuring you of its superior quality and energy efficiency.

Emphasizing our commitment to durable and long-lasting lighting solutions, we offer a Five-Year Warranty on our Post-top Style Bollard. Along with this reassurance, we include complimentary anchor bolts making your installation process effortless.

At Factory LED Direct, we aim to provide the most innovative and sustainable lighting solutions unique to you. Experience the future of lighting with our Post-top Style Bollard today, and discover how we're lighting the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.