Round Bar Adapter



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Round Bar Adapter

The Round Bar Adapter allows an arm mount or slip-fitter to be installed on a round pole. This additional part provides a flat surface for easy installation of fixture mounting parts.

Enhance your lighting capabilities with our Round  Adapter, a key joining piece meticulously designed to meet your unique fixture mounting needs. Factory LED Direct continues its commitment to offering solutions that are both high-quality and practical; this handy adaptor perfectly encapsulates these values.

The Round Bar Adapter has been engineered to facilitate the installation of an arm mount or a slip-fitter on a round pole – an ordinarily complex task simplified by this crucial component. Its precise design caters specifically to the challenges that arise when attempting to mount lighting fixtures on cylindrical structures.

The standout feature of this adapter, however, is its practical flat surface. This surface dramatically simplifies the installation process, providing much-needed stability and ease of alignment when affixing your fixture mounting parts. This thoughtful design element is indicative of our promise to deliver the smartest and most efficient solutions for your lighting needs.

Choosing our Round  Adapter underscores your commitment to a well-lit, safe, and beautifully illuminated environment, mirroring our own devotion to the pursuit of lighting perfection. Trust Factory LED Direct to provide you with products that not only enrich your lighting experience but also ensure the longevity and performance of your lighting systems.

At Factory LED Direct, customer satisfaction is our driving force, and we are committed to providing you with the most durable, reliable, and effective lighting solutions. Opt for our Round Bar Adapter, and experience firsthand our dedication to simplifying your lighting installation processes while ensuring professional-grade adherence to quality and performance standards.

Round Bar Adapter