Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch

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Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch

Introducing our meticulously crafted Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch, an indispensable accessory tailored to enhance and simplify the installation of your lighting fixtures. Our commitment at Factory LED Direct is to ensure that you have the most reliable and efficient components at your disposal, and this adaptor is a prime example of our dedication.

This Tenon Adaptor is specially designed for compatibility with round, non-tapered steel and aluminum poles, offering a seamless fit and robust foundation for various lighting applications. Included with this product are three 3/8" hex head stainless-steel bolts which provide a secure and enduring mount, safeguarding against the elements and any incidental disturbances.

Constructed from durable steel tubing, the vertical tenon of this adaptor measures 2-3/8" O.D., which is the epitome of industry-standard strength and dependability. This solid foundation ensures that your lighting fixtures, once mounted, remain steadfast in their designated positions.

Moreover, to accommodate the unique demands of each installation site, our Round Tenon Adaptor offers versatility through the adjustable bracket design. Lights affixed to this adaptor can be modified both vertically and horizontally, giving you precise control over the direction and area of illumination. This level of customization is unmatched and speaks to our understanding of the nuanced needs of our cherished clientele.

The Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch caters to those who seek both quality and ease of use. Its installation process is uncomplicated, enabling a swift and secure setup. By choosing this adaptor, you are not merely choosing a product; you are selecting a lighting solution that aligns with our promise of quality, efficiency, and service.

At Factory LED Direct, we are devoted to illuminating your space with excellence. Our Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch stands as a testament to this pursuit—every product we release is designed with your satisfaction in mind. Trust in our expertise, and let us provide you with the superior lighting support you deserve.

Round Tenon Adaptor 4 inch