Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch

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Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch

Enhance your lighting infrastructure with unrivaled ease using our premium Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch. A testament to Factory LED Direct's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, this adaptable fitting is meticulously designed to support a broad range of lighting needs.

This robust adaptor is specifically engineered for round, non-tapered steel and aluminum poles, offering a stable and secure base for your most valued lighting fixtures. Constructed with resilience in mind, each adaptor comes equipped with three 3/8" hex head stainless-steel bolts, ensuring a lasting, corrosion-resistant connection in all weather conditions.

At the core of the Round Tenon Adaptor's design lies its 2-3/8" O.D. vertical tenon, crafted from sturdy steel tubing. This supports not only the weight of your fixtures but also ensures they maintain prime positioning for effective illumination. The steel composition promises endurance against the elements and the test of time, echoing our dedication to providing products synonymous with durability.

Recognizing that precision is crucial in lighting arrangements, our Round Tenon Adaptor offers the flexibility necessary for perfect placement. Fixtures attached to this bracket can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your specific requirements. Whether optimizing street lights for thoroughfares or accentuating architectural features of a building, our adaptor facilitates the fine-tuning of every beam and glow.

At Factory LED Direct, we are more than just a product provider – we are partners in your goal to create a well-lit, safe, and efficient environment. With this in mind, our Round Tenon Adaptor melds seamlessly with a range of luminaires, making it an indispensable accessory in your lighting toolkit.

Rest easy knowing that the Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch also carries our customer-centric promise of quality. Simplify your lighting projects with the assurance that you’re investing in a product that delivers both performance and peace of mind.

For lighting solutions that combine professionalism, functionality, and flexible design, turn to Factory LED Direct. Instill your lighting systems with the strength and adaptability they deserve. Choose our Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch – the robust, reliable, and resourceful choice.

Round Tenon Adaptor 5 inch