Round Universal Anchor Base Adapter

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Round Universal Anchor Base Adapter

Our round universal anchor base adapter solves a major problem when there is a mismatch between the bolt pattern in the existing concrete base and the pole being installed. The bottom portion is designed to fit over the anchor bolts in existing concrete with bolt circles ranging from 10.5 to 14 inches. The top portion is designed to attach poles with a bolt circle range from 7.5 to 12 inches. For example, if your pole has a bolt circle of 8 inches and the existing bolts in the concrete have a bolt circle of 13 inches, your problem is solved quick and easy. Our Bolt Circle Adapter provides customers with existing anchorage an
economical solution while maintaining the aesthetics of the pole. It can be used with both Steel and Aluminum poles in Standard and Decorative applications.The Bolt Circle Adapter eliminates both the cost of removing existing foundations and the cost of new anchor bolts and new foundation installation. Bolt Circle Adapters offer a unique solution to using existing anchorage with new and varying bolt circle requirements.

Comes standard with 4 M20 bolts, 8 washers, and 4 nuts

  • Made of extra thick cast aluminum (11/16 inches thick)
  • Works with steel, aluminum or fiberglass light poles
  • Includes access panel for ease of installation
  • Hardware is included for either 3/4 inch or 1 inch diameter anchor bolts
  • Works with standard or decorative bases
  • Round Universal Anchor Base Adapter Eliminates the cost of drilling the base or pouring a new base

Bolt circle universal round adapter