S22 High Efficacy LED Single Linear Strips Replaces T8’s and T12’s.


LINEAR LEDS WITH EXTERNAL DRIVER – RECOGNIZED BEST TUBE RETROFIT METHOD! LED tubes with integrated drivers trap heat and are prone to early failure; regardless of their warranty claims. The S 22 linear retrofits use separate drivers and the light fixture metal to dissipate heat. Our extremely high lumens/watt typically allows two LED strips to replace four fluorescent tubes

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The S22 linear strip retrofit kit for T8 and T12 fluorescent tube replacement is a powerhouse. Turn any troffer or sheet metal system to a full luminaire. Installed in parallel, the S22 strips can be used for 2×2, 1×2, or daisy chained for a variety of other applications. Pixel free diffusor gives off excellent, smooth light at 2700 to 5000K. Powered by an Osram driver or optional Inventronic Class B driver. Can be pre-provisioned with room defined wireless dimming, occupation sensors, or other compatible controls..


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Kelvin Temperature

3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K