SALE ITEM: 15 Watt 5000k – Frosted Tubes – Type A & B – Dual End or Ballast Compatible

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This universal 4ft. T8 tube from FLD is the LED replacement for F32T8 & FO32 fluorescent lighting and is rated IP40. Using only 15 Watts this LED saves energy every time it’s turned on. Universal means safe and easy installation in existing fluorescent tube fixtures. Features a frosted cover to reduce glare. Ideal for use in homes, hotels, beauty salons, cafes, offices, academic buildings, and libraries.

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15 Watt Led Tubes Type A and B – $5.50 Each

The Factory LED Direct 15 Watt Led Tubes are the long-lasting, high-quality lighting alternatives to fluorescent tube lights. These tubes are excellent for facilities due to the fact that you can operate these tubes as  ballast-bypass, single end or double end power. Factory LED Directs tube can be used in direct-wire fixtures applications or to replace T8 tubes in fluorescent fixtures. Perfect for office lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, factory lighting, and more, the 4′ LED T8 tube has an output of 1,900 lumens. LEDs emit 5000K illumination without the green hue or flickering that is common in fluorescent lighting. If you bypass the ballast you will also eliminate the buzzing of the fixture. Also, unlike fluorescent lights, this LED T8 tube turns on instantly—even in cold weather—and is simple to dispose of because it contains no harmful mercury. The energy-efficient LED light uses just 15 watts of power—significantly less than the 32 watts that would be consumed by an equivalent fluorescent tube light. With no required ballasts and a life expectancy of 50,000 Hours, Many times as long as fluorescent tubes, the LED T8 tube reduces costly repairs, disposal fees, and the need for replacements. This durable tube has a plastic lens and protected by a plastic frosted diffuser. Price is based on 25-pack.


  • 1900 Lumen
  • Direct Wire applications
  • Frosted Lens
  • No Mercury Used
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Instant on
  • ETL
  • DLC


  • FLD Tubes are constructed with a Poly-carbonate lens along with an aluminum base for added heat dissipation to increase longevity of the LED tube


  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Retail