Screw Positioning Plate

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Screw Positioning Plate

Screw Positioning Plate: Strengthening Foundations and Precision in Your Lighting Infrastructure

At Factory LED Direct, our dedication to quality, efficiency, and personalized service is paramount. With a focus on providing the best lighting solutions, we bring to you the Screw Positioning Plate - a testament to your commitment to securing and stabilizing any robust lamp pole installation system.

The Positioning Plate serves as a vital component in the installation process, ensuring that your lamp poles are not only safely anchored but also meticulously aligned. Following the secure fixing of anchor bolts underground with cement, our positioning plate comes into play as a reliable method to maintain precise positioning.

With the inclusion of accompanying nuts and washers, the Screw Positioning Plate effectively prevents unnecessary deviation of anchor bolts, guaranteeing a stable, secure, and well-aligned foundation for your lamp poles. To complete the process, additional nuts and washers are deployed to lock the lamp pole firmly into place.

Choosing our Screw Positioning Plate is an investment in safeguarding the integrity of your lighting infrastructure. This crucial component not only fortifies the foundation of your setup but also ensures that your lamp poles and fixtures exhibit premier stability and alignment, contributing to optimal performance and extended durability.

Trust Factory LED Direct for a steadfast and accurate foundation for your lighting installations. Our Screw Positioning Plate epitomizes the confidence, expertise, and reliability that we instill in our products while maintaining a friendly and approachable customer-focused approach.

Place your lighting needs in our expert hands and experience the satisfaction that comes with utilizing the finest solutions available. With Factory LED Direct, you can rest assured knowing that our products are designed and crafted to meet your individual needs and exceed your expectations, ensuring illumination that stands the tests of time and performance.

Screw Positioning Plate