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Introducing Factory LED Direct's premium Slipfitter, an embodiment of quality, functionality, and adaptability. Our Slipfitter is methodically designed to streamline lighting installation and adjustment, delivering outstanding service in any outdoor setting requiring superb illumination.

Our adapter is structured with exceptional precision and innovative engineering. It facilitates the mounting of light fixtures on poles at an angle, allowing for optimal adjustment of the light direction. This feature, therefore, provides precise control of lighting emphasis, ensuring comprehensive and efficient illumination of your spaces.

Built with superior-grade materials, the adapter showcases incredible durability and resilience, delivering long-lasting performance you can rely on. From withstanding the harshest weather conditions to being resilient against wear and tear, our Slipfitter maintains its structural integrity for an extended period.

Engineered for ease of use, our Slipfitter promises straightforward installation, allowing fixtures to simply “slip” over the pole’s tenon. Its design and compatibility with various pole sizes speak of our dedication to providing practical, versatile solutions that save time and effort.

In line with our commitment to aesthetic excellence, our adapter comes in an array of finishes for perfect integration with the existing aesthetics of your lighting system. This sleek, discreet component enhances the overall visual appeal of your lighting assembly, while subtly showcasing its technical prowess.

At Factory LED Direct, we prioritize your needs, and our Slipfitter is designed to provide maximum flexibility with uncompromised quality. Opt for our Slipfitter for a seamless blend of aesthetics, technical excellence, and simplified operations in your lighting installations. Trust Factory LED Direct, your knowledgeable partner in providing progressive, sustainable lighting solutions.