Square Double Head Emergency Light

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90 Minute Power Outage Uptime – 2.4 Watts – UL Listed, RoHS – 5 year Warranty

Square Double Head Emergency Light

Introducing the Square Double Head Emergency Light, a cornerstone in cutting-edge, reliable lighting solutions tailored for spaces that demand unwavering safety and visibility during power disruptions. This dual-head LED fixture is expertly designed to deliver a minimum of 90 minutes of continuous operation in emergency situations. Each LED head is finely adjustable, allowing for precision in directing light where it's most needed, even in complex or challenging applications.

Construction Excellence:
Crafted with the highest standards, the Square Double Head Emergency Light features a durable thermoplastic ABS housing with a UL 94V-0 flame rating, ensuring safety and longevity. It houses two sets of 12 ultra-bright 2835 SMT LED lamp heads, engineered to provide emergency illumination when it matters most.

Electrical Integrity:
Designed for performance, this fixture supports dual voltage operation (120V/277VAC) with an efficient input wattage of just 2.4W. It incorporates a robust 3.6V600mAh nickel cadmium battery, ensuring an emergency runtime of 90 minutes and a full recharge within 24 hours, thereby maintaining readiness for any situation.

Versatile Mounting:
Ease of installation is a hallmark of this product. The universally acknowledged J-Box mounting pattern facilitates both ceiling and wall applications, making it a versatile choice for various settings. Such flexibility ensures that safety is uncompromised across different environments.

Energy Efficiency:
Embracing LED technology, the Square Double Head Emergency Light significantly reduces energy consumption—by up to 85%—compared to traditional solutions. This not only lowers maintenance costs but also supports environmental sustainability efforts.

Standards and Compliance:
This product is UL Listed and RoHS compliant, meeting stringent requirements for UL924, UL damp locations, NFPA 101, NEC/OSHA, and Title 20. It adheres to the majority of state and local codes, affirming its suitability for indoor exit and emergency lighting across commercial buildings, industrial facilities, entryways, stairways, and hallways.

Warranty and Assurance:
With a 5-year limited warranty on electrical parts and housing and a 3-year limited warranty on the battery, Factory LED Direct stands behind the quality and reliability of the Square Double Head Emergency Light. Rest assured, you're making a secure investment in safety and lighting efficiency.

Factory LED Direct is committed to providing you with lighting solutions that meet your needs with precision and reliability. The Square Double Head Emergency Light is a prime example of our dedication to quality, serving as a dependable lighting safety measure that you can trust.