Trinidad 1-Light Indoor Bath or Vanity Wall Sconce

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Bath Wall Mount

Trinidad 1-Light Indoor Bath or Vanity Wall Sconce

Embrace elegance and sophistication in lighting with the Trinidad 1-Light Indoor Bath or Vanity Wall Sconce from Factory LED Direct. This graceful lighting solution captures the serenity of a rolling sea, radiating an air of effortless tranquility that enhances any space it illuminates. Cradled in a delicately crafted white alabaster glass shade is the heart of this wall sconce. The bell-shaped alabaster glass, resplendent with unique, patterned swirls, diffuses light uniformly in every direction. It softens harsh shadows and creates a warm, consistent glow, elegantly highlighting the glass's svelte swirls and producing a uniquely charming lighting effect. Each shade is a work of art, resonating with other alabaster shades through its subtly varied swirls.

This wall sconce champions robust traditional design, making it an excellent choice for lovers of classic elegance. Its versatility shines through in its ability to mount either upwards or downwards, allowing for a customized uplight or downlight configuration, based on your specific needs. Beautifully constructed with durable nickel, brushed to perfection by our skilled craftsmen, the Trinidad wall sconce exemplifies top-quality light fixtures. Its hard surface ensures absolute protection against scratches while its outer lacquer finish lends it an extra sheen and an additional layer of protection. Nickel's long-lasting quality and alluring gleam add to the sconce's charm without compromising durability.

Perfectly suited for both damp and dry locations, this wall sconce meshes well in numerous indoor areas, from bathrooms and living rooms to hallways and restaurants. Its design and glow subtly reinforce the aesthetic of stainless-steel appliances, enhancing the ambiance of your surroundings.

At Factory LED Direct, our focus is on delivering superior lighting solutions that meet your specific needs. With the Trinidad 1-Light Indoor Bath or Vanity Wall Sconce, we offer you a chance to add a touch of soft elegance and wavy flair to your space. Trust in our commitment to quality, durability, and optimum customer satisfaction, as we illuminate your path towards a brighter and more sophisticated space.

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