Triple Spoke Bracket 120° Arms

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Triple Spoke Bracket 120° Arms

Triple Spoke Bracket 120° Arms - Exceptional Stability and Versatility for Your Lighting Solutions

Introducing our outstanding Triple Spoke Bracket 120° Arms, Factory LED Direct delivers an exemplary fusion of stability, versatility, and adaptability in a single, streamlined product. Our Triple Spoke Bracket represents our unwavering dedication to providing personalized lighting solutions to our valued customers, prioritizing quality, efficiency, and your ultimate satisfaction.

Our Triple Spoke Bracket is meticulously engineered and designed to mount seamlessly over a 2-3/8” (60mm) O.D. vertical tenon. The bracket is specifically created to accommodate three fixtures, which can be mounted on the round external mount horizontal tenons. The adjustable design allows for horizontal flexibility, enhancing adaptability and ensuring the perfect alignment of your lighting fixtures according to your specific requirements.

Reinforcing our commitment to superlative quality and durability, our Triple Spoke Bracket is an essential component for installing your lighting solutions, facilitating seamless adjustments and adaptability. This innovative product assures you of the level of stability and reliability you expect from Factory LED Direct.

When choosing Factory LED Direct as your sustainable lighting solutions provider, you are investing in a brand synonymous with unparalleled expertise and a strong passion for customer satisfaction. Our Triple Spoke Bracket is a prime example of how we prioritize your needs by creating products that conquer challenges with ease, blending performance and style without compromise.

Trust Factory LED Direct's Triple Spoke Bracket 120° Arms for a versatile, reliable, and elegant solution for your lighting installations, where your satisfaction and peace of mind remain our highest priority. Experience the difference that quality-driven, customer-focused lighting solutions can make in ensuring seamless and efficient illumination tailored to your unique needs.