Twin Spoke Bracket 180° Arms

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Twin Spoke Bracket 180° Arms: Unleashing Superior Control and Consistency in Your Lighting Setup

At Factory LED Direct, we are steadfast in our commitment to offering resilient lighting solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers. Our Twin Spoke Bracket 180° Arms epitomizes this commitment, delivering enhanced stability, versatility, and personalized adjustments to augment your lighting infrastructure.

Our Twin Spoke Bracket is precision-engineered to mount seamlessly over a 2-3/8” (60mm) O.D. vertical tenon. This design feature introduces an unparalleled stability and robust base for your lighting installation requirements.

One of the key highlights of our Twin Spoke Bracket is its capability to facilitate the mounting of two fixtures on the round external mount horizontal tenons. This attribute extends its applicability and eases your lighting set-up logistics, offering a smart arrangement for optimizing space and light distribution.

Bringing you more control over your lighting setup, the Twin Spoke Bracket allows for horizontal adjustments of the fixtures. This feature, a testament to our dedication to customer-focused design, enables you to adjust the direction of light to meet your specific illumination needs and preferences.

Constructed as per the superior quality standards that Factory LED Direct is known for, our Twin Spoke Bracket 180° Arms materializes our commitment to enduring and efficient lighting installments. When you select our product, you're choosing a lighting solution built to withstand the demands of time and usage.

Investing in Factory LED Direct's Twin Spoke Bracket means entrusting your lighting needs to a company that recognizes the significance of excellent products and exceptional service quality. Allow us to enhance your illumination experiences with our confident blend of substantial durability, advanced functionality, and customizability.

Extend the boundaries of your lighting arrangements with Twin Spoke Bracket 180° Arms, a testament to Factory LED Direct's dedication to quality, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Discover how we illuminate your unique needs with our expertly crafted, customer-centered lighting solutions.

Twin Spoke Bracket 180 Arms