Wet Location Exit Sign (w/ Battery Backup)

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Made in the USA – 25 Year Warranty on LED Strip – 5 Year Warranty on Battery and Electronics – 80-year light source life expectancy

Wet Location Exit Sign (w/ Battery Backup)

With Factory LED Directs Wet Location Exit Sign (w/ Battery Backup) you can take building safety to the next level. Made of durable thermoplastic mark exits and passages toward exits to guide people out of areas where the signs may be exposed to water. They mount near exit route doors and doorways and hardwire into an electrical system that keeps them lit for visibility. Signs with battery backup switch to their battery during a power outage. Signs without battery backup are commonly used in buildings with emergency systems that supply power during an outage. All signs have universal arrow or chevron knockouts that can be set up at the point of installation to indicate the direction of travel to the nearest exit if the path is not immediately apparent. Local safety codes may require that lighted emergency exit signs be made of a specific material and have lettering and graphics of a specific color, size, and arrangement. Wet location LED exit is the perfect solution for places that have a frequent wash-down such as food preparation facilities and industrial locations. The red letters against the background will stand out even in a busy industrial facility. The wet location rating gives this exit the ultimate flexibility in your facility, and with a battery backup included. Wet location LED exit is a great choice for anyplace where water and damp conditions are an issue.

Wet Location Exit Sign - Polycarbonate Housing - 90 Minute Battery 
This series of exits are designed with the extremes of the environment in mind. The fully gasketed polycarbonate lens and fiberglass housing allows them to be installed in locations that require NEMA 4X protection.

  • Push-to-test Switch.
  • LED Charge Indicator.
  • Ni-Cad Premium Battery.
  • Dual Voltage 120V/277V.
  • Universal Mount.
  • Universal directional chevron knock-outs are completely concealed and easily removed.
  • Resistant to corrosive, non-hazardous dust environments, and frequent hosedowns or splashing water.


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