White Mini Adjustable Round Back Track Head

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Small Gimbal Ring Track Head

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White Mini Adjustable Round Back Track Head

We are proud to present the White Mini Adjustable Round Back Track Head, a pinnacle of modern lighting design that melds sophisticated aesthetics with unparalleled eco-consciousness and functionality. The white finish of this indoor lighting solution captures the essence of elegance, ensuring a flawless integration into any decorating scheme while advancing a sustainable, cost-effective approach to illumination.

An Elegance Rooted in Efficiency

Enhanced with a 12V low-voltage system, the track head stands as a testament to our ethos of environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. It operates on less electricity compared to conventional lighting, translating into noticeable savings—an economical and environmentally sound selection for the discerning user.

Design that Accommodates Flexibility

Embodying a delicate balance of form and function, this fixture's small round back cylinder is expertly crafted to snugly fit within limited spaces. The track head’s adjustable nature, featuring up to a 90° tilt and 355° full rotation around the vertical axis, offers personalized lighting direction perfect for any indoor scenario, be it residential or commercial.

Robust Specifications and Build

  • Height & Dimensions: At an ideal height of 5.5 inches and a slim extension/projection of 2.25 inches, this product exemplifies adaptability and discreet placement.
  • Material Excellence: The track head is constructed from highly robust die-cast steel for the lamp module and gimbal ring with molded polymer/plastic for the horizontal component, ensuring product longevity.
  • Light Adjustment: Unique adjustable qualities provide practical versatility in lighting direction for configuring the ambiance to your preference.
  • Dimming Capability: Fully dimmable with TRIAC/ELV at a 5% range [120V Only], this feature empowers nuanced lighting control.
  • Input Voltage: Tailored for 120V at 50/60 Hz (system adapter dependent), it aligns seamlessly with common electrical installations.
  • Compliance: Adhering to RoHS compliance, it solidifies our commitment to your health and the planet's wellness.

Contemporary Flair for Diverse Environments

The White Mini Adjustable Round Back Track Head merges sleek design with environmental responsibility, resonating with those who demand cutting-edge technology alongside sophisticated style. Its minimalist and modern look allows it to coalesce with any decor style, making it a versatile choice for myriad applications—from highlighting the nuances of your kitchen to accentuating the ambiance in a studio.

At Factory LED Direct, our priority is to illuminate your spaces in ways that elevate both function and style without compromising efficiency or our environmental duties. This impeccably designed track head embodies the full spectrum of our commitment to exceptional quality, customer satisfaction, and lighting that leads by example. Illuminate with intention and choose a track head design that aligns with your space and values.

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