Yoke Mount for AL04 Area Lights


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Yoke mounts are used to place lighting fixtures on outdoor walls or other flat surfaces so they can project illumination around an area. This mounting is ideal for businesses looking to improve exterior illumination and security. Our yoke mount flood lights are trusted by businesses, parking lots, and municipalities all over the U.S. The yoke mount bracket allows the flood light fixture to be placed on specific areas such as the walls of a building’s exterior or other flat surfaces. This provides directional lighting to enhance visibility over a specific area, resulting in improved safety and security. Yoke mounts are designed with a U-shape and attach on both sides of the flood light fixture using threaded fasteners. The fixture can pivot to an infinite number of angles to ensure the exact illumination required for the application can be achieved.These mounts are used in area lighting in practically every outdoor lighting application conceivable. They are by far the most versatile of all mounting options, and therefore the most popular. The most common applications are parking lots, parking garages, gas stations and the outside of commercial and retail locations.

For AL04 Area Light Models Only