LED canopy lights

When it comes to LED commercial lighting solutions, the options range from traditional, incandescent or fluorescent lights to more modern configurations that use LEDs. The decision to use LEDs is beneficial in many ways – here is why you should consider switching to these modern illumination solutions:

  • Energy efficiency – High-quality LED canopy lights, and all LED lighting in general, use considerably less energy than conventional lights;
  • Money savings – LED lights are somewhat more expensive that conventional bulbs, therefore the transition to LEDs does require a bit of an investment, but LEDs are not only more energy-efficient than conventional options they are also much more durable, usually lasting for over 50,000 hours, which will bring you significant reductions in energy expenses;
  • Suitable for rugged environments – LED lights produce very little heat and are able to withstand high heat as well as dust and other types of harsh environments;
  • Fewer fixtures needed – LED lights deliver strong light that can reach into remote corners even in large spaces, which also means that you can reduce the number of fixtures that you need;
  • Flexibility – LED Commercial Lighting comes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and performance levels, allowing you to choose the perfect solutions for your particular application.