But They Work

Hello, this is Watt. I am the spokes Bulb for Factory LED Direct.  A common concern that we address here with our customers is (Why do I need to buy LEDs, my old lights work just fine).

Well, in a sense they are absolutely correct, they do “work fine”.  By fine, the customer means they turn on, that’s about all!  The old technology lights have a host of issues that really burn my diodes.

For one, they are energy consuming pigs.  Gobbling up many times the watts that me and my LED brothers and sisters consume.  They’re lazy, giving out between 2,000 and 20,000 hours of service if they’re lucky.  Oh please, at those numbers we’re just getting started. 

Some of us LEDs can go over 100,000 hours of service.  That means that our customers can do more of what they do and not be concerned about the lights going out.  With those rookie numbers it causes our customers to be in the dark more, lose valuable time in changing those lazy good for nothings with new ones, and we have not even begun to talk about the money it cost to change those lazy bums.

Let’s talk about consistency.  Did you know that our ancestors here do not even give a consistent light output?  Most start to lose the light output the instant you turn them on, so they are the brightest the second you turn them on.  After that they work a little less each day. (That sounds like my cousin Eddie; he is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier if you know what I mean).   Where as we keep the same light levels for 50,000 hours and much more. 

Come on people, that’s 12 years at 12 hours a day.  Can those old timers keep up with that?  I think not!  Not even with a brand new walker!  In fact by the time we finally start to show our age, the old-timers have been replaced many times over.

Other things that Bust my bulbs are the flickering, the buzzing and color changing.  I mean, how hard is to just turn on?   Why do we have to flicker and take 10 minutes to warm up and turn on after you were just on? 

Another thing, the buzzing that you old farts do!  Reminds me of my 90 year old grandmother.   I mean really, no one wants to hear all of that.

So in short, a note to all of you Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Halogen and fluorescent “Artifacts”;  You all had a time to shine!  But within the next decade, you’ll all be as useful as a buggy whip in a Lamborghini!

This is Bulb with Factory LED Direct!  I hope I was able to shine a little light on this subject.  If you have any more questions, please call my friend Clint McGee at 832-446-8951 or email him at clint@factoryleddirect.com.