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Whatever the purpose of your room, the best way to design and to create adequate lighting that is to use all the three basic types of lighting. Here are the three major illumination categories:

  • Ambient lighting – this type of lighting is used for illuminating the entire room, usually from a central spot. The most common types of ambient lights used indoors are chandeliers, fixtures mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, floor lamps and recessed lights. Ambient lights are also commonly used in outdoor settings, in the form of canopy lights, spotlights and hanging fixtures;
  • Task lights – as the name suggests, task lights are used for providing the light necessary for carrying out certain tasks, such as reading, computer work or cooking. The most common types of task lights are desk lamps and pendant lights;
  • Accent lights – these lights serve the purpose of creating the desired atmosphere by illuminating a certain item, such as a plant, a special piece of furniture or a collection of artworks in the room or by creating the illusion of a larger room. The most common fixtures that can be used for creating the right ambient include track lights, downlights, lights installed under cabinets, recessed fixtures and illumination mounted on the walls.

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