Motion Detecting Flood Lights are a form of high-intensity lighting, suitable for illuminating large areas, such as stadiums and able to deliver the strong, crisp light needed for lighting even remote corners.  he bulb type used in flood lights, the solution is energy-intensive and the bright light can also be disturbing if left to shine continuously, therefore flood lights are often paired with motion sensors that turn on the lights only when movement is detected. A knowledgeable LED flood light manufacturer let us know that these are some of the benefits of using assemblies that combine illumination with motion sensing:

  • Energy savings – motion sensors ensure that the lights do not work when they are not needed, therefore they are the best way to ensure energy-efficient operation;
  • Longer life for the lights – even the most durable LED lights can work only for a specific amount of time. By turning the lights on only when there is movement around and turning them off when no motion is detected, the sensors will prolong the life of the bulbs that make up the flood lights by years;
  • Efficient deterrents – the strong flood lights turned on when motion is sensed are great for deterring trespassers as well as for keeping animal intruders at a distance.
  • Prevent crime- The high intensity light that turns on when it detects motion is a very strong crime deterrent. Pairing a LED motion detecting flood light with security cameras is a perfect way to protect your home or business.

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