Dusk to dawn Lighting is a form of outdoor or indoor illumination that turns on automatically when the amount of natural light decreases to a certain level and turns off, also automatically, when the sun comes up. The solution has many benefits for residential buildings as well as for business facilities – here are some:

  • Increased security – the efficient illumination lights even the darkest corner of the surrounding area, being an excellent deterrent for burglars and other ill-intended people. The crisp light delivered by dusk to dawn lighting discourages intruders, theft and any other type of criminal activity;
  • Versatility – dusk to dawn lighting can be used in a variety of settings, from illuminating your porch to brightening up your entire landscape and to providing illumination for the parking lot in front of your commercial building or the area outside and inside your warehouse;
  • Variety – these systems come in a variety of types, from strong, industrial lights to bulbs that deliver smaller power.
  • Suppliers of wholesale LED lights confirm that dusk to dawn lighting systems are also available in versions equipped with sensors that turn on the lights only when motion is detected;
  • Durability – LED lighting fixtures are made from strong materials, such as aluminum and polycarbonate to ensure resistance to the elements and they use LED bulbs that come with the benefit of extremely long and energy-efficient life.

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90 Watt LED Dusk to Dawn