Warehouse buildings usually share some features that require careful decisions in terms of the lighting solutions selected: they are usually buildings that have few windows, most of them small and located high up, which means that warehouses usually get very little natural light and they need illumination that is resistant to dust, needs only very little maintenance, is efficient and able to produce good visibility even in the remotest corner, while being energy-efficient as well.

LED wholesale

Here are some of the best Lighting solutions for these spaces:

LED fixtures – the most modern light sources of them all, LED lights work great in warehouses as they need only a fraction of the energy used by other types of lights, while also ensuring extremely long lifespan. LED lights might require a more substantial upfront investment, but the durability and efficiency of the lights offset the extra costs; Purchasing LED wholesale lighting can help manage lighting expenses.
Fluorescent lights – these lights coming in the form of tubes are also excellent for warehouses. They are also durable, though not as durable as LED’s, and they come with the additional benefit of being very affordable. The cost of installing the lights is also very low. Fluorescent sources emit a crisp white light that vibrates a bit and might put a strain on sensitive eyes.