LED Street lights today needs to meet lots off expectations, including requirements related to energy efficiency, durability and light quality. Fortunately, there is a solution that meets and exceeds all expectations and that is LED illumination. Good LED street light manufacturers suggest that these are some of the long-term benefits of switching from conventional street lights to LEDs:

LED street light manufacturers

  • Extraordinary durability – the life span of LED lights is truly amazing, offering around 50,000 hours off functioning without any diminishment in terms of performance;
  • Superior light quality – another feature that makes LED illumination so popular these days is the quality of the light delivered. While conventional bulbs deliver a yellowish light that weakens over time, LEDs deliver a crispy white light during their entire lifespan;
  • Considerable energy savings – another feature that makes LED illumination so great for street lights is that they transform around 90% of the electricity used into light, with only around 10% being converted into heat. By comparison, around 80% of the energy used by conventional illumination is wasted in the form of heat and only around 20% is used for delivering light;
  • Safe for the environment – unlike conventional bulbs, LED lights do not contain any toxic substances, such as mercury, therefore they are safe for the environment during their lifespan as well as when they are disposed of.