LED light supplier

LED lights are currently among the most advanced lighting solutions available, illumination options that come with lots of great benefits. Here are some Advantages of LED Lighting
– Durability – the special construction of LED lights allows for much longer operation than any other lighting solution. While incandescent lights can last for up to 2,000 hours, CFL lights can last for a maximum of 20,000 hours and fluorescent lights can work 24-36,000 hours, LED lights offer a durability of about 35,000-50,000 hours;
– Energy-efficiency – LED lights offer a very high output of lumens per watt, therefore they are capable of transforming around two thirds of the energy they use into light. This feature makes LED lights very energy efficient. Confirmed by LED light supplier authorities, these special bulbs use about 50-80% less energy than more traditional lighting solutions;
– High level of brightness – the light emitted by LEDs is brighter than the light emitted by any other lighting solution. A 40-watt LED bulb delivers 4,000 lumens, compared to 450 lumens emitted by an incandescent light of the same capacity;
– Very low heat – LED bulbs use energy very efficiently, turning most of it into light and only very little into heat during operation, therefore they are suitable for heat-sensitive settings and they reduce cooling-related expenses in any space