garage LED canopy lights

LED garage canopy lights are lighting fixtures used both indoors and outdoors for illuminating large areas, most commonly in areas designated to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. The solution comes in many types and forms, from recessed bulbs and pendant lights and it is ideal for numerous settings, including large parking lots, garages and other, large facilities – here are some practical uses of canopy LEDs:

  • Garages and carports – the bright light delivered by garage LED canopy lights is ideal for illuminating garages and carports, both inside and outside. The solution not only illuminates every corner of the space – it is also great for deterring intruders;
  • Landscapes – garage canopy lights are also great for the outdoor areas around homes, being an excellent choice for patios and decks where people can enjoy long summer evenings;
  • Warehouses – garage LED canopy lights are ideal for indoor spaces with ceilings that are not higher than 15 feet. The applications include warehouses, sheds, even basements and cellars;
  • Self-storage units – LED canopies are also the preferred solutions in self-storage facilities. LED’s are energy-efficient and their consistent performance ensures long-term, effective illumination in the spaces packed full with storage boxes and plastic bags, making the retrieval of any item easier.