led lighting wholesale

As a general rule, the higher the quantity that you buy, the lower the price and the rule applies to Bulk LED Bulbs, too – the larger your order, the more convenient the price. The supplier that you turn to for your bulk LED order also matters – here is how to find the most affordable deal:

  • Consider wholesalers, rather than retailers – wholesalers always offer better prices and have larger stocks readily available than retailers, so if you are looking for a company that could fulfill your large order, research available wholesalers;
  • Do not limit your search to a particular region – buying from a local supplier or to a supplier located in your state might reduce shipping time, but if you have the time to wait longer for your order to arrive, extending your search will give you a wider range of led lighting wholesale options;
  • Buy from USA owned and operated companies to insure you get the best product bulk LED bulbs available. Factory LED Direct is owned and operated in the United States and based in Colorado. Ordering from us insures fast shipping and quality product. We stand behind all warranties on our products. We also provide twenty four- seven customer support.