led light supplier

Decorative lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, most of them being designed to serve the double purpose of actually delivering light and to provide aesthetic appeal. The best way to create a space that is both attractive and functional is to layer the light using various types of sources – here are some of the most common types of Factory LED Direct decorative lighting that you can use:

  • Chandeliers – these elaborate fixtures might use lights directed upwards or downwards. They are usually comprised of multiple arms and decorated with cut crystals to make the light emitted really special. Chandeliers are suitable for almost setting, but they are most commonly used in classic or rustic rooms;
  • Pendant lights – these fixtures are more simple and more modern versions of chandeliers, suitable for being used above kitchen countertops, tables and desks, in entryways, even in bedrooms;
  • Scones on the wall – these lights are very versatile, being suitable for decorative as well as for functional purposes. They can be used as accent lights, for ambient lighting as well as for providing low-intensity illumination for spaces that need just a little light, such as dark hallways;
  • Standard lamps – whether small enough to be placed on tables or tall and placed in room corners or next to sofas, these lamps come in many styles and provide excellent functional and ambient light.