Factory LED Direct

Industrial lighting is very different from residential fixtures – the lighting fixtures installed in industrial buildings, such as in production facilities and warehouses, need to meet special requirements, such as strength, long lifespan and energy-efficiency. Factory LED Direct wholesale suppliers confirm that these are the most common types of lights used in industrial buildings:

  • Incandescent lights – these bulbs are the most traditional light sources used in industrial buildings. Incandescent lights use a thin filament that electrical current passes through when the bulb is turned on. The solution is traditional, but less and less popular due to its high energy needs and the relatively short lifespan of the bulbs;
  • High-intensity discharge bulbs – these light sources are much more energy-efficient and longer-lived than incandescent bulbs and the light they generate is also stronger and crispier;
  • Compact fluorescent lights – these bulbs offer up to 10,000 hours of operation and preferred for spaces that need to be illuminated continuously;
  • LED lights – the most advanced illumination option available today is also the one that ensures the longest operation and the lowest energy consumption. The light delivered by LEDs is strong and crisp, suitable for high-bay applications and for other types of large, industrial settings. LED lights generate very little heat, which makes them suitable for heat-sensitive applications as well.