LED wholesale

Whether used in light canopies, as high bay lights or for outdoor illumination, LEDs have the most Sustainability, durable, most resistant and most versatile light sources available today – lights that also stand out with energy-efficiency. All these qualities are due to the special technology used for making LEDs – here are some details about that technology and how it promotes sustainability.
LEDs are different from conventional bulbs from all points of view. Unlike conventional lights, LEDs do not have filaments to produce light. What they use for making light is a semiconductor material in which the electrons start moving when they encounter electricity. Another difference between the technologies used in LEDs and in conventional bulbs is that LEDs generate no or very little heat during the process of light production – the feature that makes LEDs suitable for being used in heat-sensitive applications.
LEDs have many qualities that make them popular and highly appreciated, energy-efficiency being the feature with several direct implications for sustainability as well. LEDs use around 90% of the electricity they take up to produce light, which means that they hardly waste any energy. They are also very durable, providing a reliable source of light for over 50,000 hours of operation. Find all your LED lighting options at wholesale affordable pricing at Factory LED Direct.