Value engineering

Value engineering with Factory LED Direct is an innovative approach that evaluates a variety of product options on a lighting project and provides the most applicable alternate product options to meet or exceed budget expectations while still achieving the desired project requests. In addition, this approach provides value to the customer in that, as a result of the assessment of the multiple lighting products, it can reduce material costs, reduce lifetime operating costs, and potentially boost the performance of the lighting at the buildings and facilities.

Value engineering can take place during the design process of a retrofit or new construction project. This value engineering method usually occurs in the early stages of a project in consideration. It is during these early stages that Factory LED Direct works with contractors to develop project needs to ensure the desired lighting objectives are met. By creating a list of required criteria the customer isn’t limited to a single manufacturer but can select from a competitive range of product options without having to worry about compromising on the quality of the lighting products they are purchasing.

Value engineering can also be applied to existing lighting product specifications. This more traditional value engineering method usually occurs after a lighting package has already been put together by an architect or engineer. Factory LED Direct works with project managers, construction teams, facility teams, and energy teams to evaluate the existing lighting package and provide alternate product options that will reduce the initial and life cycle costs, without compromising on the desired quality and performance of the original lighting package.

By submitting your project information we can make up the photometrics and help you decide on an appropriate lighting package for your job. Factory LED Direct is able to provide these value engineering options because we are manufacturer-unbiased. We only work with manufacturers that provide results of quality testing, and we never “sell” a customer on a specific manufacturer. We’re at an advantage when it comes to value engineering because we have the product options to meet your needs. Please contact us for a quote on your value engineering projects and see how Factory LED Direct can help you.