LED flood lights

Your home should be a space that offers you not only comfort, but security as well – Factory LED Direct suppliers suggest good ways to Improve Security at your home and it as safe from intruders as can be:

Do not keep valuables in places that can be seen by unwanted eyes – the best way to Improve Security in your home is to make it unattractive for burglars. Keep your important assets in rooms that are not directly visible from outside and always keep the windows facing the street closed during the night;
Do not keep your spare key hidden under the door mat or in other, usual places – those places will the first to be checked by intruders;
Install a security system – flood lights linked to motion sensors are known to be very efficient deterrents for crime and so are alarm systems linked to a security company;
Use safe doors and windows – weak entrance doors with glass inserts around the handle and single-glazing windows are very inviting for intruders. If you have such unsafe features in your home, replace them with modern, secure windows and a sturdy entrance door;
Secure your second level as well – burglars can enter your home accessing the windows on your second level as well, so install secure window locks and glass-break detectors at that level as well.