wholesale LED lighting

LED bulbs have many uses, one of the applications that are the most commonly equipped with LEDs being canopy lights. Canopy lights are fixtures that can be used both indoors and outdoors and consist of pendant, recessed or surface-mounted bulbs on a ceiling or a soffit. According to wholesale LED lighting specialists, here are some places that LED canopies are the best lighting solution:

  • Gas stations – used in the filling areas as well as inside the buildings, LED canopies provide the stable, crispy light needed to illuminate gas stations;
  • Garages – the work performed in garages requires excellent visibility, with light that is strong, but that does not disturb the eyes. LED lights are just perfect for these places, too;
  • Sports arenas – these facilities need durable lighting fixtures that deliver strong light and that are also energy efficient. LEDs stand out in all these categories – they are currently the most durable light sources, able to stand out to the weather while also making it possible to save considerably on energy bills;
  • Reception areas – canopy lights that use LED bulbs come in a wide variety of styles, allowing interior designers to find the best, most attractive LED canopy for even the most elegant hotel or office building reception.