high bay lighting and low bay lighting



There are many terms designing different types of lighting and they may be confusing if you do not know what they describe, such as high and low bay lighting.Bay lights are heavy-duty with high power wattage requirements (they produce over 8000 lumens). These lights are describing lights needed for the appropriate ceiling height.

Industrial linear high bay led lights are designed to be used in ceilings ranging from 20-40 ft. in height from the floor. It is mostly popular in factories and warehouses etc. High bay lighting uses common beam angles that provide high lux level on the floor.

As for low bay lighting, it is intended for use for height below 20ft. A low ceiling is specific to homes and most public and retail businesses.The main difference between the two types of lights is the concentration of the light they spread. A fixture placed higher must compensate for the distance by featuring a high lumen output. Low fixtures only work with ceilings that are between 12-20 feet high. High light fixtures can illuminate ceilings that are 20-45 feet high. The lightings also differ in strength. Low lighting is below 100 watts while high lighting can go above 100 watts.

What if you choose the wrong type of bay lighting?

You may experience a lack of proper visibility or, on the contrary, too much brightness – and the worst thing may be to spend some more money to fix your mistake and purchase the kind of lighting you really need.