Some of the most popular outdoor lighting options are LED canopy lights, as they are designed for a variety of professional and commercial settings. They are durable, reliable in all sorts of weather and do not require to constantly be replaced. Additionally, easily installed led canopy lights (flush mount or pendant mount), have exceptional efficiency, provide long operation hours and require very little maintenance – which makes them a great choice for many businesses. Lighting is extremely important in every residential, commercial or industrial location and there are many options you can choose from to ensure adequate lighting for different indoor and outdoor areas.

LED canopy lights

Commonly, LED canopy lighting fixtures can be found in bus depots, tunnels, parking garages, gas stations, loading areas, car washes and warehouses. In residential settings, they are often installed in areas like soffits, eaves or pathways. They are also a great choice for entryways and porches. Because of the number of lumens and the LED color temperature, these LED Canopy lights will provide a white light space with great visibility. As a consequence, your customers will feel safer.

LED canopy lighting fixtures replace up to 400 watts MH and HPS fixtures. Clear drop lens provide a diffused light, while flat lens – more direct light. Color finishing options are diverse. As for their shape, LED canopy lights are round or square, each providing very good light distribution and precision optics. LED technology will give you the pleasure of forget about bulb replacement. Thanks to the LED diodes you don’t have to worry about maintenance.