The term “street light” can be interpreted in many ways, it might refer not only to the lights mounted on posts to illuminate public spaces, such as squares and avenues, but also to the illumination used on buildings to illuminate the building side that faces the street and the street section in front of the building. If you are currently looking for a light fixture of this type, here are the best sources:

  • Online retailers – even a very quick search for outdoor lighting fixtures will return lots of results. You will probably find led street light manufacturers online retailers as well as local stores that have websites to allow you to browse products and to order the fixtures that you like quickly, from the comfort of your home;
  • Local lighting fixture stores – you can also visit local lighting fixture shops to check their inventories. Shopping for your streetlights in person comes with the advantage of personal contact that allows you to ask the specialist at the store to help you with advice and recommendations;
  • Your electrician – most contractors have their own network of material suppliers, so you can also turn to your electrician for advice. Your contractor will also be able to tell you the exact parameters that your fixtures need to have.

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