The best place and also the most convenient to search for wholesale LED lights for your business is the Internet. Just search for “wholesale LED lighting suppliers” and you will get pages with results including national and international suppliers and distributors. But the real problem is to make sure of the quality lighting wholesale distributors offer, because this is the factor that affects your daily working.

LED lighting manufacturer

The first indicator of a good wholesale LED lighting supplier is low price and minimal capital. A LED lighting manufacturer working with a wholesaler will usually result in lower wholesale pricing for the customer.

Next, look if you can choose from an extensive range of products. Having multiple choices is an indicator that your wholesaler has strong supply capacity. Besides, this will allow you to find products that cover all your lighting needs in one place.

The quality of LED lighting is essential, so make sure to check the warranty offered, as well as details related to returns, customer service etc.

Not least, considering that you are most likely interested in fast delivery, check the shipping information and ask about other details that may affect the delivery time.

Luckily Factory LED Direct meets all this criteria. We only offer the highest quality of wholesale LED lights available. We stand behind our warranties and handle all claims quickly. We have twenty four/ seven customer support and are always available for questions and concerns. All of our products are stored in our warehouses in the United States which allows for fast shipping. Most of our orders ship within twenty four hours of payment.