LED light supplier

LED lighting is the latest innovation in illumination technology, a solution that is popular for many reasons and used in many applications. If you have decided that you can do with the durability and energy-efficiency offered by LEDs and you are currently looking for the best price, you must know that LED lights are available as individual items as well as in larger bulks, from wholesalers. Buying wholesale will surely give you a better price than purchasing your LEDs one by one – here are some important things to consider before making your bulk order:

  • Warranty and safety certificates – wholesalers are required to provide a warranty certificate with the LEDs they sell and they must also provide a safety certificate to prove that the lights passed certain tests before being stocked in the wholesaler’s warehouse;
  • Look for a LED light supplier with good customer service – a feature that is considered to be of only secondary importance, good customer service is essential if you need help with installing the products you have purchased or if you have a complaint or a claim;
  • The price – as a general rule, the larger your order, the lower the per item price. However, when you calculate the overall costs of your LEDs, always factor in the shipping costs.