bulk LED lights

Buying affordable bulk LED lights is a great decision for businesses and homes alike – the light sources use the latest light production technology to give you numerous benefits that are only amplified when the LED Lights are bought in larger quantities. Here are some of the perks:

  • Considerable savings – like it is the case of any product purchased in bulk, LEDs are also cheaper when bought in larger quantities;
  • Having replacement LEDs for a long time – LED lights are extremely durable, giving you tens of thousands of operating hours without any diminished performance. However, even the LED of the highest quality will stop working eventually and that moment will be the moment when you will be happy to have replacement LEDs at hand and to be able to make the replacement right away;
  • Better for the environment – buying in bulk usually means a higher number of items packed together, which also means less packaging material being used and a smaller burden on the natural environment. Buying more with one order also entails reduced shipping costs, so buying your LEDs in bulk will save fuel and driving hours and it will also contribute to reducing traffic congestion a little bit.
  • Factory LED Direct offers discounts for all orders over ten items, the more you order the larger your discount will be