LED light supplier

Today, more and more companies and individuals recognize the benefits of replacing their conventional bulbs with LEDs. One of the features is LED Lights Don’t Use as Much Energy and that make LEDs stand out, whether used for outdoor lighting or inside buildings, is their extraordinary energy efficiency – while conventional bulbs transform only about 20% of the electricity they use into light, the rest being dissipated in the form of heat, LEDs do it the other way around, converting around 80% of the energy into light. Here are some things to know about how LEDs achieve that incredible performance:

  • How LEDs work – unlike incandescent bulbs, that need extreme heat to ensure that electrons are excited and they produce light, LEDs pass the current through a semiconductor that emits photons through electroluminescence. The principal difference between the two processes is the requirement for heat – while conventional lights waste much of the energy they need by converting electricity into heat, LEDs generate only very little heat, which is why LED Lights Don’t Use as Much Energy and also means that they deliver light much more efficiently;
  • Longer lifespan – A leading LED light supplier confirms that LED lights can last for up to 10 times as long as conventional bulbs, the average lifespan of these special light sources being over 50,000 hours – a feature that further adds to the energy efficiency that can be expected of LEDs.