150 Watt LED Spider Post Top Light

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150 Watts – 19500 Lumens – 5000K – DLC Premium listed. UL certified to meet US and Canadian standards. FCC and RoHS compliant. – 5 Year Warranty

150 Watt LED Spider Post Top Light

150 Watt LED Spider Post Top Light: The Premier Choice for Outdoor Lighting

At Factory LED Direct, we understand that the right outdoor lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of your spaces but also ensures safety and functionality. Our 150 Watt LED Spider Post Top Light stands as a testament to our commitment to providing superior lighting solutions that combine durability, efficiency, and elegance.

Key Features and Benefits:

Versatile Applications: Engineered for excellence, this premium outdoor luminaire is perfectly suited for illuminating entrances, building exteriors, parks, and pedestrian walkways. Its robust design and superior lighting quality make it an ideal choice for creating welcoming and secure environments.

Durable Construction: The LED Spider Post Top Light is manufactured using solid heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing, complemented by an anti-UV polyester coating. This formidable combination offers unmatched resistance against water, salt, corrosion, discoloration, and scratching, confidently bearing the Wet Location rating. Being designed to thrive in challenging outdoor settings, this luminaire guarantees longevity and reliability.

Electrical Excellence: With input voltages accommodating 120-277V models and featuring 0-10V Continuous Dimming, this light fixture is built for optimal electrical performance. It operates efficiently within a temperature range of -40°F to 113°F (-40°C to 45°C), ensuring consistent illumination in varying climatic conditions.

Mounting Flexibility: Ease of installation is assured with a 3-inch Slip-Fit Pole Mounting base, allowing for a seamless integration into your existing outdoor landscape. This feature simplifies the upgrade process, making it an effortless endeavor to enhance the lighting of your space.

Optimal Light Distribution: Through its Anti-UV Clear Polycarbonate IES/NEMA Type 5 Lens, this luminaire spreads light evenly and effectively, creating a well-lit and inviting atmosphere that enhances safety and visibility in outdoor areas.

Trusted Certifications: In our aim to deliver products of the highest quality, the LED Spider Post Top Light proudly carries DLC Premium listing and is UL certified to meet both US and Canadian standards. Complemented by FCC and RoHS compliance, this luminaire stands as a beacon of trusted performance and environmental respect.

Warranty: Your investment is safeguarded by a 5-year exclusive limited warranty, underscoring our confidence in the enduring quality and performance of our products.

At Factory LED Direct, our mission is to illuminate your outdoor spaces with products that embody efficiency, durability, and unparalleled quality. The 150 Watt LED Spider Post Top Light is a shining example of our dedication to meeting your lighting needs, ensuring that every selection you make is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.